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About Me

Personal Bio: Welcome to Gary Robert Photography and no my last name isn't Robert. Whenever I got into trouble my father would call me Gary Robert, I guess the name kind of stuck with me. I’ve always been into toys, gadgets and figuring out how things work. As a child I came across my mother’s old Argus Argoflex 75 mm roll film camera in our crawlspace and asked my father to teach me how to use it… I guess that was the start of my photography career some 40+ years ago. The Argus 75 and flash bulbs soon turned into my father’s Maymia/Sekor 35 mm film camera and flash which I learned how to shoot slides, macro photography and use of a tripod. I remember shooting the inside of frogs for my 8 grade science project, it was better than having to cut into the poor guys. The rest is history, today I’m shooting Canon, including the 1D X mark II, mark III and 5D mark IV along with a whole lineup of Canon lenses. I enjoy traveling and seeing the world through a lens, the ability to capture unique images or moments. The greatest reward is allowing others to view and appreciate these images or moments in time, let it be the bright red wrinkled paint on a Ferrari’s engine or the profile of a Mexican grey wolf walking by. Understanding how things work has allowed me to create unique images, using my vision, style and creativity.

Credits: Recent member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), a member of Canon Professional Services (CPS), a published photographer with Capstone Press along with his work seen on Fox TV, Yahoo News World Wide, various On-line magazines and Blogs around the world.  His ice photographs currently line the reception area of the new Google office in Chicago.


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